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Critical Motion Dates

There are two ways to determine your Critical Date Deadlines for filing and serving motion papers: You can use this handy chart we prepared for you...

New Jersey State Courts - Superior and Tax
MotionDate MovingPapers OpposingPapers AnswersResponses
03/16/2012 02/29/2012 03/08/2012 03/12/2012
03/30/2012 03/14/2012 03/22/2012 03/26/2012
04/13/2012 03/28/2012 04/05/2012 04/09/2012
04/27/2012 04/11/2012 04/19/2012 04/23/2012
05/11/2012 04/25/2012 05/03/2012 05/07/2012
05/25/2012 05/09/2012 05/17/2012 05/21/2012
06/15/2012 05/30/2012 06/07/2012 06/11/2012
06/29/2012 06/13/2012 06/21/2012 06/25/2012
07/13/2012 06/27/2012 07/05/2012 07/09/2012
07/27/2012 07/11/2012 07/19/2012 07/23/2012
08/10/2012 07/25/2012 08/02/2012 08/06/2012
08/24/2012 08/08/2012 08/16/2012 08/20/2012
09/14/2012 08/29/2012 09/06/2012 09/10/2012
09/28/2012 09/12/2012 09/20/2012 09/24/2012
10/12/2012 09/26/2012 10/04/2012 10/09/2012
10/26/2012 10/10/2012 10/18/2012 10/22/2012
11/16/2012 10/31/2012 11/08/2012 11/12/2012
12/07/2012 11/21/2012 11/29/2012 12/03/2012
12/21/2012 12/05/2012 12/13/2012 12/17/2012
01/11/2013 12/26/2012 01/03/2013 01/07/2013
01/25/2013 01/09/2013 01/17/2013 01/22/2013
02/08/2013 01/23/2013 01/31/2013 02/04/2013
02/22/2013 02/06/2013 02/14/2013 02/19/2013
03/08/2013 02/20/2013 02/28/2013 03/04/2013
03/22/2013 03/06/2013 03/14/2013 03/18/2013
04/05/2013 03/20/2013 03/28/2013 04/01/2013
04/19/2013 04/03/2013 04/11/2013 04/15/2013
05/03/2013 04/17/2013 04/25/2013 04/29/2013
05/24/2013 05/08/2013 05/16/2013 05/20/2013
06/07/2013 05/22/2013 05/30/2013 06/03/2013
06/21/2013 06/05/2013 06/13/2013 06/17/2013

Or you can read the rules and count using your fingers and toes.....

1:6-3. Filing and Service of Motions and Cross-Motions
(a) Motions Generally. Other than an ex parte motion and except as otherwise provided by R. 4:46-1 (summary judgment) and R. 5:5-4(c) (post judgment motions), a notice of motion shall be filed and served not later than 16 days before the specified return date unless otherwise provided by court order, which may be applied for ex parte. Thus, for example, if the return date of the motion is a Friday, the motion must be filed and served not later than the Wednesday, 16 days prior. If a motion is supported by affidavit or certification, the affidavit or certification shall be filed and served with the motion. Except as provided by R. 4:49-1(b) (motion for new trial), any opposing affidavits, certifications or objections filed pursuant to R. 1:6-2 shall be filed and served not later than 8 days before the return date unless the court relaxes that time. Thus, for example, if the return date is on a Friday, any response must be filed and served no later than Thursday of the prior week. Reply papers responding to opposing affidavits or certifications shall be filed and served not later than 4 days before the return date unless the court otherwise orders. Thus, for example, such papers must be filed and served on Monday for a return date of the following Friday. No other papers may be filed without leave of court. (b) Cross-Motions. A cross-motion may be filed and served by the responding party together with that party's opposition to the motion and noticed for the same return date only if it relates to the subject matter of the original motion, except in Family Part motions brought under Part V of these Rules where a notice of cross-motion may seek relief unrelated to that sought in the original motion. A cross-motion relating to the subject matter of the original motion shall, if timely filed pursuant to this rule, relate back to the date of the filing of the original motion. The original moving party's response to the cross-motion shall be filed and served as provided by paragraph (a) for reply papers. The court may, however, on request of the original moving party, or on its own motion, enlarge the time for filing an answer to the cross-motion, or fix a new return date for both. No reply papers may be served or filed by the cross-movant without leave of court. (c) Completion of Service. For purposes of this rule, service of motion papers is complete only on receipt at the office of adverse counsel or the address of a pro se party. If service is by ordinary mail, receipt will be presumed on the third business day after mailing.

1:3-1. Computation of Time
In computing any period of time fixed by rule or court order, the day of the act or event from which the designated period begins to run is not to be included. The last day of the period so computed is to be included, unless it is a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, in which event the period runs until the end of the next day which is neither a Saturday, Sunday nor legal holiday. In computing a period of time of less than 7 days, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays shall be excluded.

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