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To open a monthly billing account, we require a signed subscription agreement. Please fill in the information on this form and select your Next Day Service Plan Level. Customers who do not require an in-office daily pick up or do not wish to subscribe to Next Day Service should select Plan Level 0. Check “I agree to the terms and conditions” and click on Register. This will create a subscription agreement that you can print, sign and fax to (908) 842-9173. Upon receipt, we will contact you by phone to get your service started and answer any additional questions you have. You can then login and start creating shipments for delivery.

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Please select your plan Level. All service plans above Level 0 include a daily courier pickup at your office for your outgoing shipments as well as after hours and weekend drop off service. Plan Level 0 only includes drop off service at our convenient Drop Box Locations. Each Plan Level indicates the minimum number of Next Day shipments included in your monthly rate. There is no rebate or carry over of unused monthly items. The Per Item Rate is the charge applied to each shipment above the minimum monthly Plan Level. The Plan Level rates apply only to our Standard Next Day Service for shipments completely within the State of New Jersey. Priority, Same Day, Out of State, Residential Deliveries, Deliveries requiring Signature proof, Special Markets and Process Serving services carry fees as set forth in our Service Guide. If you have questions on what your rate will be, please call us.

Priority $9.50 - Out of State $18.00 - Drop Box Priority $12.95
To learn how we can customize a service plan that’s just right for you, or additional questions, please call us at
(908) 686-7300, Option 7.
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