NJLS Celebrates 85 Years of Excellence in Courier and Service of Process Markets

Receives Law Community’s ‘Best’ Awards; Expands Courier Offerings to Other Industries; Bolsters Process Services; Introduces ‘Green’ Initiatives

UNION, NEW JERSEY—JANUARY 30, 2014—NJLS, an award-winning courier and service of process provider for the New Jersey legal community, is celebrating 85 years of excellence by announcing today it is extending its courier offerings to other industries and growing its service of process specialties. NJLS also continues to receive accolades directly from legal professionals and introduces energy-efficient technologies.

NJLS received the Gold “Best Courier Service” seal by legal professionals who voted in the 2012 and 2013 New Jersey Law Journal (NJLJ) Reader Rankings surveys. NJLS also received the Silver “Best Process Server” seal in the same 2013 NJLJ survey. The ballots consisted of more than 60 categories, including litigation support. Hundreds of lawyers and legal administrators participated in the voting.

With its decades-long exemplary courier record, NJLS has expanded its business-to-business pickup and delivery offerings to the realty and bank industries, to the medical community, and to counties and municipalities throughout the region. NJLS’s delivery offerings, including Next Day Service and Same Day Service, enable these clients to save up to 80 percent as compared to leading global carriers’ services. NJLS also has enhanced its courier services with Sunday evening drop-box pickups.

Over the past 85 years, NJLS has gone from being a local courier service to a regional one servicing the tri-state, mid-Atlantic and New England areas; has added hundreds of convenient drop boxes; launched a Web-based ordering system; and 15 years ago expanded into process service.

In New Jersey alone, NJLS has more than a dozen professional process servers working 24/7 and has affiliations with hundreds of process serving agencies across all 50 states and 27 countries. In addition to service of process as well as filing and document retrieval, NJLS offers a complete set of investigation services, including skip tracing and accident investigations.

“We are looking forward to bringing new services and technologies as well as expanding NJLS’s partnerships, such as InfoStore Records Management’s document storage, that benefit our clients by substantially lowering their costs and making their own processes more efficient,” said Robert W. Pladek, Esq., who was named president of NJLS in late 2012. Pladek is spearheading NJLS’s energy-efficient “green initiatives” by reducing the courier vans’ carbon dioxide emissions and retrofitting the warehouses’ lighting fixtures with LED titanium tubes, which are expected to generate a savings of about $52,000 in annual fuel, electricity and maintenance costs. “It makes sense from a global responsibility standpoint but still directly impacts our clients; our lower costs become their lower costs,” added Pladek.

Established in 1929, New Jersey Lawyers Service (NJLS) began a courier service in Newark, NJ, running legal papers between law firms and courts. Today, NJLS processes more than 3 million documents and packages annually and provides services to approximately 25,000 lawyers and more than 1,000 businesses and municipalities.


About NJLS (New Jersey Lawyers Service)
Celebrating its 85th anniversary, NJLS is an award-winning courier and service of process provider for the New Jersey legal community and offers cost-effective pickup and delivery to a broad range of businesses and government entities. Courier offerings, including Next Day, Same Day, Light Trucking, Drop Box Locations and ZipShip, and Process Service requests are entered and tracked online by clients. NJLS’ clients include approximately 25,000 lawyers and over 1,000 businesses as well as the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts, Office of Administrative Law and Department of Labor. NJLS is an affinity partner of the New Jersey Association of Realtors. Our clients are confident we will get their jobs done. For more information, visit www.njls.com or call (908) 686-7300. NJLS: We Deliver Confidence.

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