Advantages: Industries

NJLS is an 87-year-old award-winning courier and service of process provider for the New Jersey legal community and offers cost-effective pickup and delivery services to a broad range of businesses and government entities. Our clients are legal and business professionals who need experienced and cost-effective pickup and delivery services and/or litigation support. Clients receive expert local service at significant savings.

NJLS has roots dating back to 1929 as a courier service in Newark, N.J., running papers between firms and courts. Besides couriering time-sensitive and confidential documentation and packages for the legal community, NJLS has expanded its business-to-business pickup and delivery offerings to other industries. NJLS Light Trucking is involved with everything from transporting office furniture and exhibits to helicopter parts.

Besides the legal community, other industries NJLS Couriers handle:

  • Realty industry: NJLS is an affinity partner of the New Jersey Association of REALTORS; download the PDF for more information.
  • Financial community: customer and transaction records, receipts, slips; download the PDF for more information
  • Medical community: pharmaceuticals, medical and personnel records; download the PDF for more information
  • Counties and municipalities throughout the region: tax records, routine correspondence, state filings

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