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In 2013, NJLS and the New Jersey Lawyers Diary and Manual completed a comprehensive analysis of overnight delivery costs among two major courier companies: UPS and FedEx. The data concluded NJLS has a significantly less expensive overnight delivery servicewith savings ranging from 50% to 80% compared to the standard and special published rates of the two major overnight couriers. The average savings per attorney in the state of New Jersey are $1,800 per year.

Download the PDF of the study: NJLS-LDM Study Details Overnight Delivery Costs Among 3 Couriers in state of New Jersey: Data confirms NJLS saves $1,800 per year for each attorney

For a detailed overnight courier rate schedule for NJLS Next Day and NJLS Drop Box Locations, download the PDF.

Fuel Surcharge** is updated monthly based on retail prices published by the U.S. Energy Administration.

**We reserve the right to amend these charges at any time.

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