NJLS is an 87-year-old award-winning courier and service of process provider for the New Jersey legal community and offers cost-effective pickup and delivery services to a broad range of businesses and government entities. Our clients are legal and business professionals at small to large law firms, banks, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, realty firms, municipalities and logistics companies that need experienced and cost-effective pickup and delivery services and/or litigation support. Clients receive expert local service at significant savings.

  • NJLS Process Service handles requests not only in New Jersey but also all over the United States and the world, will full-time process servers using the latest in GPS (global positioning system) tracking technology, providing clients with online tracking and an instant view of the affidavit of service.
  • NJLS Couriers includes five cost-effective pickup and/or delivery services:
    • NJLS Next Day is the lowest-cost provider of guaranteed overnight delivery service; with monthly service plans for as low as $3.24 per delivery, clients save as much as 80% compared to global carriers’ next-business day deliveries; all deliveries can be tracked online via the NJLS Client Login Web site.
    • NJLS Same Day delivers on the same day anywhere in the New Jersey, greater Philadelphia and New York City area for prices up to 50% less compared to the competition.
    • NJLS Light Trucking works with hundreds of freight forwarders to help move materials all over the Eastern seaboard; NJLS is the choice of many overseas pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies bringing critical products into ports of the greater New York City/New Jersey area.
    • NJLS Drop Box Locations are an alternative with delivery guaranteed the following business day for as low as $3.24 with hundreds of drop boxes located throughout New Jersey, and a Sunday night pickup ensuring Monday delivery.
    • NJLS ZipShip allows clients to create an online work-order slip and upload documents while NJLS prints the entire document and delivers it on the date specified.
  • Services Guide highlights the parameters for NJLS Next Day and NJLS Same Day, including standard vs. priority options and insurance offerings, and NJLS Process Service.

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