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Standard Services

Checking the STANDARD SERVICE box on your shipment form means that your package will be delivered to the recipient's address prior to the close of the next business day. In most locations, delivery is made not later than 3pm. All deliveries to a court house or government facility are made and clocked in prior to the closing time for that court or government department or agency, which varies from 4pm — 5pm. All remaining Standard Next Day deliveries are completed by 5pm the next business day following pick-up or drop off. Earlier delivery is available by selecting Priority Service.

  • If the recipient's office is closed, we will make one additional attempt on the following business day. If after two attempts to serve the recipient, we are unable to deliver, the package will be returned to you. There is no charge for the additional attempt unless it is the result of an improper or incomplete address.

  • Next Day Service is not available to Post Office Boxes.

  • Next Day Service is available to private residences; however, a different rate level may apply to such deliveries. Please contact us at (908-) 686-7300 to discuss the types of clients you will normally be delivering to.

  • All packages must be sealed and all documents placed in sealed envelopes. A distinct delivery form/slip is required for each package addressed to each location. DO NOT PHOTOCOPY SLIPS that have already been used for a delivery; an attempt to reuse a delivery slip with a previously used tracking number may cause your package to be lost or delayed. Whenever possible, please log onto our Shipment Center on the web to prepare and print all shipment delivery forms. Handwritten or multipart pre-printed slips may carry additional charges and fees.

  • For accounts with Basic Monthly Rates covering monthly minimum usage allowances, a Next Day Service item is counted toward your monthly usage in the month in which delivery is requested (up to and including the last day of the month immediately prior to the invoice date). This may not necessarily be the month when the item is picked-up if the pick-up occurs on the last business day of the month, for example, and the delivery is requested for the first business day of the next month. Drop Box and no minimum accounts are billed for Next Day Service at the beginning of the month following the month in which the delivery (and not the pick-up or drop off) is requested.

  • All Next Day Service Shipments are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Shipment, which include, among other important matters, various disclaimers and limitations of our liability in regard to the Shipment.

  • All eFile Service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Shipment and the special terms and conditions pertaining to eFiling which include, among other important matters, various disclaimers and limitations of our liability in regard to the eFiling.

  • Standard Next Day deliveries outside of the State of New Jersey, to covered zip codes, are normally charged at the rate of $19.00 per item. We use different out of state couriers and prices and delivery times will vary based on time of pickup, weight of item and delivery location. For more details see

  • Additional and Optional Service Fees**
    Affidavit of Service** $3.00
    Address Correction** $5.00
    Out of State Next Day Address Correction
    Large Package Surcharge** $90.00
    Cold Overnight Storage**
    Waiting Time** $7.50 each add'l 10 minutes after first 5 min
    Signature Required Fee**
    Ct. Locations Only; Priority/Signature**
    Fuel Surcharge** is updated monthly based on retail prices published by the U.S. Energy Administration.
    **We reserve the right to amend these charges at any time.

    Weight (lbs.)*
    Per lb
    Weight (lbs.)* Per lb Price
    15 to 34 lbs   35 to 54 lbs
    $0.20 $3.00   35 $0.41 $14.35
    $0.20 $3.20   36 $0.41 $14.76
    $0.20 $3.40   37 $0.41 $15.17
    $0.20 $3.60   38 $0.41 $15.58
    19 $0.20 $3.80   39 $0.41 $15.99
    $0.20 $4.00   40 $0.41 $16.40
    $0.20 $4.20   41 $0.41 $16.81
    $0.20 $4.40   42 $0.41 $17.22
    $0.20 $4.60   43 $0.41 $17.63
    $0.20 $4.80   44 $0.41 $18.04
    $0.27 $6.64   45 $0.44 $19.98
    $0.27 $6.90   46 $0.78 $35.74
    $0.27 $7.17   47 $0.78 $36.52
    $0.27 $7.43   48 $0.78 $37.30
    $0.27 $7.70   49 $0.78 $38.07
    $0.27 $7.97   50 $0.78 $38.85
    $0.27 $8.37   51 $0.78 $39.63
    $0.27 $8.64   52 $0.78 $40.40
    $0.27 $8.91   53 $0.78 $41.18
    $0.27 $9.18   54 $0.78 $41.96
    Above 54 lbs. $1.00 per pound
    *In addition to your Monthly Item Rate

Priority Service

Checking the PRIORITY SERVICE box means that your package will be delivered to the recipient's address not later than 12:30 noon the next business day. Other than the guaranteed time of delivery, all other terms and conditions regarding Standard Next Day Service also apply to Priority Service, with the following additional terms:

  • Priority Service is only available to delivery locations in NJ.
  • If, in the extraordinary event, we are unable to deliver your package by the Priority Service guaranteed time, delivery will be made as soon thereafter as is possible.
  • Priority Service rates are different than regular Next Day Service. Usage of Priority Service is not charged against Standard Next Day monthly volume allotments, allowances or extra item charges.
  • Deliveries to NJ Court locations are all done on a priority basis and signature obtained. A separate fee of $5 is charged for such deliveries; no regular priority fee or signature required fee is applied.

Process Service

Checking the PROCESS SERVICE box means the documents which you send to us will be personally served on the person or business to which it is addressed. Personal service will be made in a manner and means appropriate for the service of legal process and in conformity with all laws, regulations and Rules of Court. Upon completion of service, we will return an Affidavit of Service as proof of our service upon the named individual or business which is ready for filing in the court where the action is pending. We'll even file the Affidavit for you and send you a stamped copy, to save you the time and trouble. Charges for process serving are based upon servee location, time deadline for service, the type of service required and the number of people or organizations to be served. When NJLS uses the term “Unlimited Attempts” NJLS means that when it is attempting to serve within the State of New Jersey, when an address is confirmed for the particular party on whom service is sought, NJLS will make up to 5 attempts of service at that address without additional charge. Attempts beyond five (5) at that same address will incur charges of $49 for each successive service attempt. Attempts at additional addresses in NJ will incur the standard charge, with the same limitations on number of attempts without additional charge. Additional information regarding Process Service is available on our web site or by calling (908) 686-7300, and selecting option 5.


NJLS often makes deliveries to long term care facilities, group homes and businesses with multiple recipients. Depending on the recipient’s own procedures, deliveries may be individually checked for completeness; drivers may have to pass through certain security protocols. In these instances NJLS may charge ‘Waiting Time’ fees to its customers, computed as follows:

$7.50 if the driver is at the location for 10 minutes.
11 – 20 minutes: $15

NJLS will charge an additional $7.50 for each 10 minute period beyond 20 minutes.
These charges will be reflected on your invoice as “Miscellaneous” items.

Option Check Boxes


Extra Insurance

Checking the EXTRA INSURANCE box means that you have selected to increase the maximum amount of our limited liability for that particular shipment from $150.00 to $2,500.00, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Shipment. The charge for extra insurance is $7.50 per item.


Checking the Signature Required box means you are requesting we secure a signature from the recipient or a member of the recipient’s household or in the case of a business delivery, an individual at that business location normally charged with responsibility for receiving packages at the business. Additional charges may apply. If a customer requires an ID be shown at point of delivery, that requirement must be included on the delivery slip prepared by the customer. If Signature Required is not checked, it means the package may be left at the recipient's address even if no person is there at the time of delivery. The NJLS delivery record shall be conclusive proof that delivery was completed and NJLS will not be liable for any damages arising from a claim of improper delivery or non-delivery. Where available, when a package is being left at a residential address, a photo may be taken of the package at that location.


Checking the COLD STORAGE box means you are requesting NJLS, on receipt of the package at its warehouse location, store the package overnight in our commercial refrigerators. You agree that in addition to selecting the option you will place a visible COLD STORAGE or KEEP REFRIGERATED sticker on the package. The charge associated with Cold Storage is shown above. These packages are not stored in a cold environment during transit from your pick-up location to NJLS’s warehouse; or from NJLS's warehouse to point of delivery. In addition, due to the nature of Cold Storage items, any package requiring Cold Storage requires a signature when delivered. When selecting Cold Storage the Signature Required box will be automatically be checked and the current Signature Required fee charged. NJLS offers these COLD STORAGE services as an accommodation when and where available and subject to all possible interruptions of such service, including but not limited to: power outages and refrigeration failures. Therefore, NJLS disclaims all liability for damages to, or perishability of the shipment contents, due to failure to refrigerate, poor refrigeration, or any failure of the refrigeration systems.

Pick-Up From Recipient

Checking the PICK-UP FROM RECIPIENT box means you request 'reverse pick-up service' where we pick up a package elsewhere and return it to you or the location you choose. With reverse pick-up, we will pick-up from your client or other location the next business day following the receipt of your pick-up request. The package will then be delivered to you or your chosen location on the second business day. Overall, it is a three business day cycle. For example, if we receive the pick-up request from you Monday, we will pick-up the package on Tuesday and deliver it on Wednesday. When the delivery location is your own, where we normally pick up from you as a BMR client there is no additional charge. If you are a drop box client or if you are requesting a delivery to a location other than your own normal BMR pickup location, an additional delivery charge will apply.

Same-Day Service

SAME DAY Service is available by phone, please call (908) 686-7300, and select option 3. Same Day Service charges are based upon distance traveled, time of day, excessive weight, and additional services required. Additional fees may apply for the following:

  • waiting time in excess of 10 minutes
  • improper address or location
  • return trip to sender
  • pick-ups or deliveries after hours (6pm — 8am), weekends and legal holidays when Next Day service is not operating.

The prior explanations, terms, conditions, policies and procedures are the most current and up to date and supercede and amend anything to the contrary in any earlier version, whether printed or on the web. No employee of New Jersey Lawyers Service has the authority to waive, alter, amend or otherwise make inapplicable any of these terms and conditions and any attempt to do so should not be construed as a modification of any written agreement between New Jersey Lawyers Service and the customer or subscribing firm. Dated: January 1, 2020.

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