NJLS ZipShip allows clients to create their delivery slip online, as usual, and email NJLS the material for NJLS next day delivery in New Jersey.

To use ZipShip, create your delivery slip; scan it or make it into a PDF and email NJLS a single email with:

(1) the scanned delivery slip or PDF of the delivery slip and

(2) the material you need delivered.

Send the email to NJLS at Zipship@njls.com

We print your slip and material, package it and deliver by the end of the next business day.

ZipShip’s next day service is available for material received between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Your ZipShip packages can be tracked online via the NJLS Client Login site.

ZipShip costs?
Your normal per-item charge, plus
$10 handling fee and $.25/page

Due to the COVID-19 challenges, through June 14, 2020, NJLS is waiving the $10 handling fee and ONLY charging clients (1) their normal per-item charge and (2) for pages in excess of 50 pages, $.25/page.

For more information about NJLS ZipShip call us at (908) 686-7300.

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